4light Worker is designed for professionals where the needs to see and be seen are extremely important. The harness illuminates the workspace and makes it easy for the users to work with both hands free while focusing on their tasks. The visibility increases the security and effect the work in a positive way.

Worker is a harness designed for different types of jobs and workplaces where the need to see and be seen are of great importance.

The harness illuminates the workspace making the user aware of their environment. The lighting of the workspace makes it easy for the user to focus on their tasks. The visibility increases the security and effect the work in a positive way.

The harness is easy to use and can be used under a full working shift before needing to be recharged.

LED lights on Worker are controlled by two touch control buttons. Worker has yellow LED lights for running lights, white LED lights on the front that illuminates forward and red LED lights to mark the user’s back.


  • harness made of durable nylon fabric with polypropylene windows
  • LED lights and battery in water resistant seal
  • lighting forward for working hands free
  • lights controlled with touch buttons
  • battery life 6-10 hours depending on temperature

The harness can be specially ordered and customized for different needs. Contact us for a quote.


Durable harness
The harness is made of durable nylon fabric with transparent polypropylene window with LED-strips underneath. It has adjustable waist and shoulder straps for comfortable fitting. The harness is equipped with quick release snap buttons for easy opening and to avoid getting caught.

Rechargeable batteries
The battery is a Lithium Ion type and can be recharged up to 1000 times its normal use and operates from -15 to +75 degrees Celsius. A discharged battery takes about 180 minutes to charge. Battery charger included.

Warning signal at low battery capacity
Low battery capacity and need of charging is indicated by a flashing red LED light. The LED light blinking frequency speeds up as the battery capacity is declining. A fully discharged battery will turn off all LED lights.

Charging Signals
During charging the battery a red light is visible. A green light indicates when the battery is fully charged.

Protected electronics
Electronics and battery are protected in a padded pocket pack on the back of the harness. The pocket pack is water-repellent to protect functions but should not be opened.

LED lighting
LED lamps have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours at continuous use. Warning lights, front and back lighting is controlled by two touch control buttons at the left chest strap.

Worker is suitable for many professions, construction workers for buildings, roads, railways, mining operations, oil platforms and for professionals guards, electricians and many more.