Safety harness that illuminates your workspace

4light safety harnesses is a product developed in Sweden. It came as an idea to increase safety for motorcycle riders. The finished product is better than we had planned. In addition to raising the light source and making the biker visible it provides an illuminated workspace forward as an extra feature.

The idea is ingenious and simple at the same time. Our harnesses are suitable for all who need to be seen for their own safety and in the bargain, illuminated their workspace. No need to bother with a flashlight in one hand and trying to work with one hand or hold the flashlight between your knees to free your hands. With a harness that lights up, it is easy to work hands-free. This increases work capacity, productivity and safety. A major advantage of LED lighting is that it is possible to discern colors, something that is difficult with an ordinary flashlight.

4light harnesses are available in different versions for different professionals and users. Our models include: Worker, Biker and Trooper.

The designer says:

Riding by motorcycle is an amazing sense of freedom but unfortunately includes many risks. A major problem is the lack of visibility in traffic.

One day my son came home and told me that he had almost got hit by a motorist at an intersection. “The motorist did not see me until it was almost too late.” Shaken by his story, I began to think about how to increase the visibility of both motorcyclists but other people working close to traffic, such as road workers, police, cyclists and pedestrians.

It led to the first SeeMe-prototype. Now after a number of improvements our harness is now available in different versions and ready for delivery. So let us help you – save lives in traffic!