Wellcome to FAQ for users

In case you can’t find answer to your specific question, please mail us: info@4light.se

General Questions

Question: Where can I buy 4light products?

Answer: 4light products can be bought from our retailers.  all over Scandinavia. If you are outside of Scandinavia, please, turn to us for assistance.

Question: Is the harness environmentally safe?

Answer: Yes, it has an RoHS approval. All materials are recyclable.

Question: If we are two persons riding one motor cycle, who is to wear the harness?

Answer: It depend on the model of the motor cycle. It has to be judged from case to case and, hence, 4light cannot make a general recommendation.

Question: Is it possible for me to privately by a Trooper?

Answer: No, it is only sold to authorities or persons authorized to use blue strobe lights

Question: Is it possible to get my company logo printed on my harness?

Answer: Yes!

Question: Can I use a harness when I go bicycle riding?

Answer: Yes, we recommend you to use a Worker Plus when bicycle riding

Question: Is it possible to get a harness in different fabric?

Answer: Nylon is the standard, but harnesses can be tailor made in other fabrics.

Question: Is it possible to get a harness with other LED light colors?

Answer: A harness can always be tailor made to meet customer requirements.

Question: Is it possible to lease a harness or buy it on an installment plan?

Answer: Yes, it is. Contact us or your retailer for further information.

Question: How do I become a retailer for your products?

Answer: Please, contact info@4light.se

Battery and Charging

Question: For how long does a fully charged battery last?

Answer: All models are designed and equipped for a 6-10 hour standard battery charge. There are some variations depending on temperature and harness model. Optionally larger batteries are available for extended usage. A battery can typically be recharged 1000 times.

Illumination and LED

Question: Can the harness cause blinding?

Answer: The harness is designed not to blind the bearer or the surrounding. However, it should be avoided to stare straight into this light source as well as into other sources.


Question: Is the harness water proof?

Answer: No, but it is water repellant and stand rain or snow conditions.


Question: How do the harnesses work?

Answer: Visible for 7 miles

Question: Can you clean the harness?

Answer: Clean with a soft brush or a moist wipe.


Question: Can I bring a harness on board a flight?

Answer: We recommend to check the harness as luggage.

Question: Will a Biker interface all models of motor cycles?

Answer: Yes, all models certified for used in regular traffic.


Question: Is the harness complete, or do I have to buy a battery and a transceiver separately?

Answer: 4light products are sold as complete systems. All you need is in the package. Follow the link available accessories.


Question: How is my harness interfaced with my vehicle?

Answer: It is a wireless blue tooth connection.


Question: How is the TX unit, blue tooth transceiver, installed?

Answer: Please, see the manual.


Question: What do I do if the harness stops working? Why doesn´t it works?

Answer: Consult your retailer for help and service.


Question: Is the harness an approved piece of safety equipment?

Answer: It is complementary to other protection and safety equipment. It does not replace EN471-classified equipment, but is worn in combination with it for improved visibility. The Swedish Transport Administration endorse the use of our harness.


Question: How do I know the harness is fit for use?

Answer: It is CE certified.

Question: What are the warranty conditions?

Answer: Please, see the manual for each model.