Briliant safety backpack

4light kickstarts new backpack project
4light has started its kickstarter project. The backers can chose between in stock FireFly or the futture product FireDry wich is a waterproof backpack for all end use.

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8 December, 2017|

Allt om Elcyklar

The Swedish bicycle Magazine Allt om elcyklar were distributed free to visitors on the bike fair in Gothenburg. On page 72-73 you can read a detailed test that the editor has done for 4lights FireFly backpack.

All cyclists should have a FireFly. Order yours here:

5 March, 2017|

4light’s crowdfunding campaign is now live!

4light’s specialty is to increase safety by making people visible from miles away regardless of light conditions.

Through the newly launched crowdfunding campaign on, 4light now offers others to take part in an exciting journey towards a safer tomorrow!


14 March, 2016|

4light at boat exibition in Stockholm

We are in place at the Stockholm International Boat Show together with the distributor KGK. Stockholm International Fairs March 5 to 13.
Visit 4light at KG Knutsson’s booth C11: 31

7 March, 2016|

4lights Worker and Worker Plus are nominated for product of the year 2016

Medalj_Nordbygg 2016 M.nom4lights Worker och Worker Plus är nominerade till årets produkt 2016

The award will be given at the Nordic region’s largest construction exebition, Nordbygg April 7, 2016 at Stockholm International Fairs.


13 February, 2016|

Railway Gazette Internationals entry about Worker (Rail)

4lights Worker Rail, a version of Worker for Railways, with yellow LED strip in back, is as a news in the international rail newspaper Railway Gazette International. RGI is represented in more then 100 countries in entire World.
The news is in both papper version of the newspaper and soon as an article in the internetpage.



5 January, 2016|

Många mc-olyckor i sommar

Dålig synbarhet är EN av orsakerna till mc-olyckorna. Säkerhetsselen 4light Biker förebygger olyckor genom att öka synbarheten.

24 November, 2015|

Elmia Nordic Road, exhibition in Jönköping (Oct. 6-8-2015)

Visit us at booth A06:28 on the Nordic Road Exhibition at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden, October 6-8, 2015.

Elmia Nordic-Road_logo_300x87_sv

14 September, 2015|

KG Knutsson

As a step in our development, we have signed an agreement with KG Knutsson AB.


8 September, 2015|

4light is now in “Byggkatalogen”

“Byggkatalogen” is Sweden’s most used information service for product selection within the construction and real-estate sector. Byggkatalogen is used by professional users such as architects, technical consultants, contractors, managers and buyers.

7 September, 2015|