4light at Swedish Bike Expo 2017

4light CEO Tezha Mohajeri has visited the Swedish Bike Expo 2017 in Gothenburg March 3-5 to display the product Firefly Backpack – the perfect backpack for the cyclist. Firefly got a lot of attention, among others from the editor of the magazine Allt om Elcyklar (All about Electric Bikes) – there is a very positive presentation of the backpack in the current issue of the magazine. 

The local visitor Stefan Strand was another who was happy at the expo: He had already bought a Firefly for later delivery, and now he got the opportunity to test the prototype. Delivery date for the backpacks is in April.

Firefly Backpack is LED-equipped with white light forward, orange at the sides and red light in the rear. The battery solution is a practical mobile powerpack with USB connections. 

For a short time it is still possible to buy Firefly at a reduced price in the 4light web shop  at nordicbiker.com.

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